Hater Auto-Responder

Thank you for your unsolicited feedback.

Elizabeth Spiers
3 min readApr 19, 2022


Hi. I see that you have sent me an:

_ email

_ DM

_ form submission from a fake email address

Your complaint is that:

_ I have pronouns in my Twitter bio. (If so, please read this FAQ.)

_ You believe I should… *checks notes*… “get raped.” (Thanks for sending this from your work address. It makes it easy to forward to your boss, who I see is also your dad.)

_ Something along the lines of “your (sic) stupid”.

_ You have negative opinions about my physical appearance, which you think women must care about above everything else because the only meaningful and deep relationship you’ve ever had with a women is limited to your mother, if that, and you don’t have the intelligence or empathy to imagine that women view themselves as whole people and not just sexual playthings for straight guys

_ I do not worship Elon Musk the way you do, and you are under the impression that in his infinite power, he’s already installed a chip in your brain somehow, which allows him to see that you’re sending me this email/DM/form submission and then he will know that you’re a very very good boy

_ I work in academia and you find education generally threatening, because “indoctrination”

For classification purposes, I need to know which category in this Venn Diagram best describes you:

This is a limited and provisional set, subject to expansion.

Your gender identification:

_ Male, obviously

You are sending me this email because you think you know more than I do about:

_ Politics

_ Media

_ How Women Think

_ What I literally just said

You are really mad because:



Elizabeth Spiers

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