Lessons gleaned from writing an advice column about money

Little known fact: money does not grow on trees. It just organically accumulates beneath very small plants.

On why we feel the need to be productive in the first place

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

How to track your routines when the idea of tracking anything fills you with existential dread

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Your company is not apolitical, no matter what your CEO says

Here is a live shot of an office with no politics in it whatsoever. Photo: Raj Rana/Unsplash

Personal development for busy people with children (a.k.a. chaos bombs) who may also be experiencing a glacially moving midlife crisis and are maybe a little burned out

Oh, you think I should make a vision board, do you?


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We develop messaging and targeting strategies for candidates, organizations, publishers, and progressive brands. We customize programs to the needs of the client, offering unique solutions. Our strategies are fine-tuned for primaries vs. general elections, persuasion vs. GOTV or opposition voter discouragement, two-way vs. multi-candidate contests, reelections vs. challenges or open seats, high-turnout presidential elections vs. off-year midterms or specials. We also customize for non-electoral use cases like issue advocacy, fundraising and brand campaigns.


We help you identify and speak effectively to the precise…

On Managerial Boundaries and Weekend Texting

Elizabeth Spiers

Writer, adjunct in the grad school of journalism at NYU, political messaging consultant, ex-editor in chief of The New York Observer, founding editor of Gawker

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